I Chronicles 1-12

Okay ladies, we were to have read in I Chronicles 1-12 for this past weeks bible study.  Sorry some of you couldn’t make it ~ thought I’d post a little something from our talk last night.

First off here are the handouts I gave:

I Chronicles

I really liked this chart to look at what we can take away from each of these main characters that we have studied in the bible thus far.  Also here is David’s family tree:

David’s line

We also enjoyed watching “A Case for Faith” ~ if you have Netflix you need to pull it up and watch it ~ answers a lot of really great questions and talks about an up and coming pastor, Charles Templeton, who started out in the ministry with Billy Graham, and how he lost his faith.  Really great the way Lee Stroble discusses and looks into two key questions that tend to shake people’s faith in Christ.

Next week we are going to start the New Testament and we are starting with John.  I know, big jump from where we were!  I just can’t help that I truly feel we are to start in the New Testament now, God must have some big revelations for us!

Here is a study guide that you can use (don’t have to) that I got from a website, free online bible studies, to help out if you want :0):

John 1-5 Daily Study Questions

Hope to see y’all Tuesday night!



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