Mary Did You Know?

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, Mary Did You Know.  I didn’t know until recently that it was written not that long ago by Mark Lowery.

I cannot help but start to wonder myself what Mary must have known and felt to hold her baby.  I think of my own experiences as a mom and I wonder how it felt to feel him move inside of her, to go thru delivery of the Messiah ~ did God grant her an easy labor? Was it pain-free and quick or like most first pregnancies, was it long and painful?  I think of the pain and the hormonal moments during my 23 hours of labor with child number two.  I remember demanding pain medication and them refusing to give it to me, trying to be strong and not succeeding.  I was in the comfort of a hospital bed with family and nurses nearby ~ Mary was in a stable on hay with only her husband and the stench of animals.

I remember after delivery holding her, the joy and amazement that went thru my mind, the absolute love I felt and I am sure that Mary had those same feelings ~ I have yet to meet a mother who did not feel that way when they first held new life in their arms.  I remember the times I looked into her eyes and wondered what life would bring her way, what joys and pains she would have to face.  I wonder if Mary thought that His life would be different since He was the Messiah.  Did she know the hardships He would face or did she think that everyone would know and accept Him as their Savior?  Watching Him grow up, watching Him as a toddler and a young boy, were there times when she let the knowledge of who He was slip her mind and enjoy Him the way I have enjoyed my children?  Were there those few selfish moments of claiming Him as hers, not as God’s and the Messiah?  I mean, she was human and a mother ~ there had to be times where she sat back and just enjoyed Him as her son.

Did she plead with God on His behalf when they tortured Him?  Did she beg God, as I would for one of my daughters, to take her instead?  Even knowing all that He taught, and knowing who He was, did the mother in her ever come into play and wrestle with faith and God on her son’s behalf?  I know of parents who have had to face life and death in regards to their children, and being human their first reaction does not tend to be “They are yours God, not mine.”  It seems that they have to go thru a process to get to that point, so was there a time when Mary allowed the mother in her to cling to her son and plead for His life? I can only imagine the agony and pain she had to suffer, feeling each nail and blow to her child herself as she watched Him be crucified for me.  Did she feel that I was worth it?  I know that God did, but what about Jesus’s mother ~ was I worth what her baby was going thru?

I thank God always for the sacrifice that was made for my life, but as I listen to this song my heart breaks for a young mother holding her newborn with hopes and promises for her little baby and I wonder, Mary did you know?


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