A window to God’s heart

My bible study just finished reading the book of Leviticus.  Not one of the bible’s easier reads.  One commentator said it’s not exactly the kind of book that you would choose to snuggle up in an easy chair with a warm blanket, cup of coffee and spend the evening reading.  I agree.  But I really liked the underlying message: the book of Leviticus and it’s laws give us a window into the law givers heart. 

I have thought of this constantly thru the three weeks it took us to get thru the study, and I am still amazed by it.  Leviticus is all kinds of sacrifice laws, but God was loving enough that if you could not afford the price of a bull he was willing to accept two doves instead.  He is never going to “bankrupt” you with what He requires or asks of you.

I always take and apply biblical teachings to my life as a wife and mother.  I tell the two little ones ,”Don’t ride your bike in the road!”  I love them so much I would just die if someone were to hit them while they are riding their bikes.  I make this rule, this “law”, out of my great love and adoration of them.  On the flip side what do my four and five-year-old see?  “Aw, mom, please ~ we promise to be careful!”  or ” Sally’s mom let’s her do it!” I wonder how many of those ancient Israelites thought similar to the way my young daughters do?  I know that they were tempted by other religions whose gods allowed them to “party and have a good time”, so to speak.

I hope that my older daughters are starting to mature enough (see the parallel here to maturing Christians!) to see that all of my rules are a window into my heart.  My love for them, my desire for only the best for them as well as my desire to give them rules that will help them to become the best person that I know and hope that they will be is what drives my laws.  Isn’t that all our Lord wants from us?

Now when I read Leviticus it is still a hard word-for-word read, but I see the underlying love of God for his people, and that makes for a beautiful story! How awesome to have that window into His heart!


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  1. Sandra Gustin

    Angela, stay with your walk with God, and walk very slowly. Time is all we have if you really think about it. Time to share,time to love, time to forgive, time to watch our children grow, all to quickly. God has a perfect plan for all our needs and desires and if we walk through life believing and trusting putting our faith in Him, our lives will be blessd. Don’t worry about Kennedy she is just learning and growing. Remember she is the Daughter of Gods most precious gift (YOU!!!) I think the empty nest syndrom is so hard to deal with if we are close to our children. But we have to turn them over to God and let him work his wonders. You are doing an awesome job, but please take a little time for yourself too, it is very important ,and will make a huge difference in your very busy life. Thanks for the very sweet e-mail you sent. Love Aunt Sandra!!!

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